My first pregnancy was healthy, and I’d had a natural birth at a hospital. When I learned that BCBR had opened its doors during my second pregnancy, I knew that it would be the perfect fit for me. I wanted to be surrounded by people who respected me and my birth choices.

My only hesitation was that my insurance still had not added BCBR to their network. My husband and I decided that even though we had to pay a bit more out of pocket, it was still worth switching my care over to BCBR. We don’t regret this decision one bit.


After attending the orientation and learning about the safety measures BCBR has in place, I felt absolutely safe. Of course, every pregnant mother thinks “what if,” but the Birth Center has it covered.
Certain things about giving birth in a hospital didn’t sit well with me, such as being strapped to a monitor for 20 minutes upon arrival. I didn’t know one person in the room aside from my husband. I had never met the on-call midwife. After spending the previous night in labor and pushing for nearly 4 hours, I was exhausted and couldn’t rest at the hospital. We stayed for two nights and I couldn’t wait to get home to finally rest and enjoy my new baby.


My experience at BCBR couldn’t have been more different. When I arrived at BCBR during my birthing time, everything was ready for me and Sherri was waiting. She knew I was in labor and did not need to check my cervix. I felt safe and in control. My daughter was born in the tub and weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces. Everything about my daughter’s birth was peaceful, joyous, and stress-free.


The staff at BCBR treated us like family and always spoke kindly and respectfully. I looked forward to my appointments and liked that I didn’t have to wait to see the midwives.

- Kara Kearney

When my husband and I learned that we were pregnant with our first child, we were incredibly excited, and a bit overwhelmed deciding the best place to get prenatal, labor and postnatal care. Being relatively new to the Baton Rouge area, we were open to the myriad possibilities but quickly settled on the Birth Center of Baton Rouge. It was the single best decision we've made since we moved to the area. I can't sing the praises of the midwives and office staff of BCBR high enough. I have never encountered more sensitive, passionate, and personalized care than I did at BCBR. Prenatal visits were more like a conversation than a quick medical check in. By the time our little guy was ready to make his way into the world, I knew I'd have the best team in there with me. Their birthing suites provided a calm atmosphere and our birthing midwife made quick, informed decisions to help us achieve a natural childbirth. Although the labor was long, they were with me every minute, providing not just medical care, but the emotional support I needed to help our son find his way into this world. Looking back on it, I can't think of a more miraculous or empowering experience, and I have the BCBR to thank. If we decide to have more children, we'll be returning to BCBR.

- Kristi Jo Preston

My family and I decided on the birth center about half way through my third pregnancy because we were seeking a different experience than a traditional hospital birth. I loved that the staff was small and knew us by name when we came in for our visits. I also liked that the process is very simple and straightforward - you go into labor, call us and we catch the baby. I like simple. After having this last baby there, I wouldn't go anywhere else in Baton Rouge. The excellent care, short stay and inviting atmosphere, make me want to have another just to do it all over again. Thanks Birth Center for pioneering the way in Baton Rouge for natural birthing options!

- Lani Guilbeau

I want to start by saying, “we are the only species that, when delivering our babies ask for the help of others. Our bodies are made to give birth and our bodies and unborn babies know what they have to do to get into this world.” I had heard these words during my maternity class and ever since I was determined to find the most natural independent way to deliver our baby. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant I immediately searched for a birth center and lucky for us Birth Center of Baton Rouge happened to be less than 10 minutes from our house. After we took a tour and met with the staff, it was a no brainer that we would welcome our sweet little girl into our arms at BCBR. Throughout our pregnancy, we felt tremendous love and support and both Dana and Sherri made sure that my husband, baby and I would always be first priority. This was important to me since my husband felt 100% included in everything. His concerns were addressed and questions were answered. It was our first baby and of course I wanted him, as well as myself, to have the pregnancy and birth we’ve always envisioned.


Fast forward to week 38 of our pregnancy on Saturday May 30th 2015, I went into labor at 3:30am. I remembered our midwives telling us to remain calm and conserve energy as well as to stay at home as long as we can unless we are sure it’s time. So we did all the comfort measures we learned to ease the discomfort I felt with each intensifying contraction. Finally, at 6:05am my husband called Dana and I guess she heard me in the background (screaming of course) and told us to meet her at the birth center. When she checked my cervix I was 9cm dilated. This was at 6:30am. She then felt the position of the baby and of course our little girl didn’t seem too ready to leave momma’s womb as she was posterior. This meant I had to wait patiently for her to change her position to one that was more birth ready. During this process, both Dana and Sherri were there tending to both of our needs. At no time did we feel pressured or neglected and the entire atmosphere was all we intended it to be. When it was time for my body to push, I was instructed to listen to my body. I trusted what my body was telling me to do and at 7:37am we welcomed our 7.5lbs, 21 inch baby girl Amelia. It was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever encountered. I can definitely say that this experience has taught me to trust my body more than ever before and believe in all its capabilities. Not once did our midwives tell me I can’t or couldn’t do it the way I wanted it to be done. They trusted my baby and me to do what we were supposed to do and never have I felt as strong and capable as a woman. I’ll be forever grateful to my BCBR family for giving us the birth we’ve always wanted and then some.

- Olivia Cross