Our Philosophy

At Birth Center of Baton Rouge, we believe that:

1. Childbirth is a normal, healthy part of a woman’s life. Caregivers should support and promote this normal process while recognizing any deviation from normal. Birth Center of Baton Rouge fosters confidence in all aspects of care.

2. Women have the right to seek care that is evidenced-based, that is culturally appropriate, and that respects and honors their physical, social, spiritual and psychological individuality in an economically feasible manner.

3. Women have the right and responsibility to make shared decisions about their care with their providers based on informed consent. This includes focus on nutrition, exercise, managing stress, balancing work and family, and making birth decisions. Education is the key to this unique combination that has been demonstrated to improve outcome and satisfaction.

4. Because the family is the cornerstone of our social structure, maternity care must support and promote family unity and development. Family members, including siblings, should be involved in the birth center experience as the family wishes. Family is defined by the client.


Our Mission

Birth Center of Baton Rouge provides a sacred space for the passage of women and their families through the experience of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

We defend the right of families to make informed decisions surrounding their maternity care. Our goal is to provide holistic midwifery care by offering integrated programs for education, counseling, support and care for birth that realizes a mother’s vision.

We believe that compassionate care for women and babies improves birth outcomes, increases maternal satisfaction and strengthens families.