Wendy Gerhardt

Wendy Gerhardt Midwife at Birth Center of Baton Rouge

Wendy studied midwifery at the University of Minnesota and has been a certified nurse-midwife since 1987 and received a MSN in 1994. She has practiced in Minnesota and Louisiana in the clinical, hospital and university settings. Being an advocate for women, especially in their childbearing years, has been central in her life since she was involved in her sister’s childbirth as a teenager. Even though the vast majority of her midwifery practice has been in private setting, birthing in hospital suites, she enjoys creating a calm, safe, and sacred environment for birthing no matter the setting. This philosophy works very well in the birth center. She has attended out of hospital births and birthed some of her own babies out of the hospital. Feeling that all women should be offered the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancies and childbirth, she has volunteered her services to several women in the inner city of New Orleans. She believes that pregnancy is a normal part of a woman’s reproductive years and trusts in the natural process of childbirth. She and her husband, of 31 years, have four children and reside in New Orleans.