Sherri Daigle

Sherri Daigle Midwife at Birth Center of Baton Rouge

Sherri’s calling into midwifery began shortly after the birth of her first child in the hospital. Sensing that there must be a better way, she started searching for and learning about midwifery and 18 months later gave birth to her second child at home with a granny midwife. Sherri then began attending births as an assistant as well as offering Bradley Childbirth classes. Sherri was very involved in the passage of the 1984 Louisiana Midwifery Bill. She received her midwifery license in 1990 and has the longest active midwifery practice in the state. Sherri has been married for more than 30 years and is mom to 6 great children.


Sherri attended Louisiana State University and Eastern Connecticut State University for undergraduate work with a concentration in science. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree, she continued her studies in Social Work at Rhode Island College and finished her MSW in 2007. She has been actively catching babies in the Baton Rouge area for over 25 years. In addition to her passion for mothers and babies, Sherri brings an extensive knowledge of the birth process. Her midwifery skills, wisdom and trust in the midwifery model of care is completely in line with the philosophy of the Birth Center of Baton Rouge. Her years of experience in out of hospital birth and instinctive sense of the birth process help her to value a mother’s right to make autonomous decisions. She appreciates the privilege of attending births. Her love of teaching and gift of analysis allows her to educate clients, parents, students and friends with clarity and understanding on many subjects.