Thoughts from the Birth Center Staff

What Exactly Is Natural Birth?


“Natural birth” usually means allowing labor and birth to unfold and progress on their own, without medical interventions.


However, it can really have many different manifestations depending on the circumstances and the desires of the woman. Natural birth can be as straightforward as having a baby vaginally, or it can mean going through labor and birth without any medications, such as pitocin or an epidural. We believe that regardless of what natural birth means to you, it should always include the supportive environment a woman needs to accomplish this incredible work.


For many in the birth community, natural birth means that we trust the woman, her body, and her baby to do the work of birth.


Most healthy, low-risk, pregnant women do not need medical interventions to safely give birth. Instead, the medical interventions that are supposed to help, can lead to complications for the mother and baby. Your body and your baby know what to do. We empower you through childbirth classes and prenatal care so that you can align yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to support what your body already knows how to do. You can work together with your body and baby instead of resisting or interrupting the natural progression to birth. Think about all the women and babies who have been doing this across time and culture. Most of them have managed to do it without hospitals, electronic monitors, epidurals, or pitocin. They have relied on instinct, nature’s design, a trust in the birth process, and wisdom passed down through generations. The tradition of supporting women during labor and birth is as old as the human race.


When we create space for natural birth, we continue this tradition, this trust in birth. In the process, babies are brought into the world in a spirit of peace and trust, and women are empowered to become mothers.


If natural birth is something you are interested in learning more about or exploring, then we’re here to help you gather information and make a plan that is what you desire. We love to host tours of the birth center as a no-pressure opportunity to let Mamas explore their options. Set up your tour, talk to a midwife, or ask questions by calling (225) 761-1200.