About Birth Centers

Birth Centers have been around for many years, and are now becoming part of mainstream health care in the United States. Based on the midwife model of care, birth centers focus on physiological birth – that birth is a natural process that does not usually require medical interventions such as IV’s, continuous monitoring or restriction of movement to a bed.

What you will find at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge are skilled and knowledgeable people dedicated to your birth experience. Prenatal consultations focus on a mother’s overall health and wellbeing. Births happen when the time is right. Mothers labor in whatever position or place feels good at that moment. Food and drink are not restricted. Large tubs are available for water labor and birth. All of us at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge are excited about what we do, and about YOUR ideal birth experience! 


Your Birth Room

All of our rooms are furnished with regular beds, large tubs for water labor and birth, and large attached baths. There is plenty of room for family members, but also a waiting area outside when moms want privacy.